Precision Trading Tools for MetaTrader

Profile For Crispin Scruby

Crispin founded FX AlgoTrader in 2009. Prior to FX AlgoTrader he spent 12 years in enterprise software sales selling data re-engineering solutions to the UK banking sector. Crispin holds a 2.1 honours degree in Electronic Systems Engineering.

Technical Background

MQL4/MQL5, C++, Java/JavaFX, PHP, SQL, Website Dev (HTML/JS,jQuery etc)

Trading Background

Crispin began trading stocks in 2000 and then moved into Forex in 2005. As soon as he discovered the MetaTrader platform he started to develop bespoke trading tools to aid in his own trading. The custom codebase written between 2006-2009 was then 'productised' and FXAlgoTrader made their first web based sale in October 2009.

This is what he has to say about FX AlgoTrader and trading tools....

"When I discovered forex around 2005 I couldn't believe the volatility in this market. Compared to stocks it was amazing. I started to play around with high frequency trading using a very simple moving average crossover system. When I look back I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't understand what moved the market - I didn't even think about looking at economic calendars!

Over the years I've realised that anyone can read about technical entries and exits etc...... the real differentiator in the retail forex business is risk management - how a trader handles themselves in a drawdown situation. Can they pull the plug on a trade and move on? If they take a loss how will this affect their confidence? Will they be scared of the market and cut their profits and run their losses in the future?

In a nutshell, I developed the tools you see on the website (some with assistance from customers) to try and help traders with their pair selection, trade management and risk control. Where possible I've tried to embed as much automation as possible to reduce trader screentime. Personally I think the less you trade and the less time you sit in front of monitors the better your results are likely to be....

In summary - the products here are trading tools which will reduce screentime, automate strategies and hopefully give traders an advantage by helping them to avoid being sucked into the market noise. The tools won't turn losing traders into instant winners.. but they will give savvy traders enhanced pair selection, automation and significant screentime reduction - these factors go a long way to improving success in my opinion"