Automated Trading Tools for MetaTrader MT4


Statistical Arbitrage Systems



 Stat Arb V4.0 'Opulen' (EA)

Our most advanced Stat Arb package for MetaTrader MT4 with JavaFX control interface..... Find out more
 Stat Arb V3.0 (EA)
Using standard MT4 external input parameter control......Find out more


Trendline Trading Systems



Stat Arb V4 for MetaTrader MT4

 Trendline Trader Pro (EA)

Pro Series automated trendline trading system .... Find out more
Trendline Trader 2

 Trendline Trader 2 (EA)

Mid-level automated trendline trading system ......Find out more
Stat Arb V4 for MetaTrader MT4

 Trendline Trader 1 (EA)

Entry-level automated trendline trading ......Find out more


Moving Average Trading Systems



 Triple MA Crossover System with AutoTrading (EA)

Our brand new market adaptive trend following MA automtrading system ......Find out more


Risk Management



Risk Management for MT4

 Forex Risk Management for MT4

A fully automated fx risk controller and arguably the most important tool for fx traders using MetaTrader MT4!.......Find out more