Java FX - MetaTrader 4 Integrated Products

FX AlgoTrader have pioneered a new way to interract with FX AlgoTrader indicators and expert advisors for MT4. Java FX is a brand new Graphical User Interface (GUI) technology built on top of the Java platform. FX AlgoTrader have developed a suite of Java FX interfaces for controlling FX AlgoTrader indicators and experts advisors (EAs). Using the FX AlgoTrader Java FX interface in conjunction with FX AlgoTrader indicators and EAs has some unique benefits which are:-

Ultra Fast configuration/parameter changes for FX AlgoTrader indicators and EAs

Control of FX AlgoTrader indicators and EAs on all MT4 charts from single interface

Timeframe specific profiles (not currently possible with standard MT4 indicators or EAs)

Trader defined profiles which can be 'rippled' accross all MT4 timeframes with a single mouse click!

Sophisticated Real Time Alert reporting which can be customized and sorted to the traders requirements

Custom wav file alert playback options not restricted by MT4 sounds folder and not clipped by MT4 program thread

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be releasing JFX powered products to the market place. The current products within the JFX range are:-


JFX Pivots System

Triple Moving Average Crossover Alert System

Daily Fibonacci Pivots

Quarterly Rolling Pivots

Existing MACD Turbo and Advanced Moving Average Crossover customers can upgrade to the enhanced JFX products and recieve a full rebate on their original purchase. The upgrade option is available in the License Management center.