Alerts Pro - Voice Synthesised Alerts for MetaTrader MT4

Voice Synthesied Alerts for MetaTrader MT4

  • Alert Pro is a Java based voice synthesised alerts package which is an upgrade option for FX AlgoTrader's existing alert enabled indicators. Alerts Pro uses a sample bank of high quality audio files to provide traders with meaningful alert information rather than annoying, comparateively meaningless dinging sounds provided as standard in the MT4 sounds folder. eg 'Alert.wav' and 'Alert2.wav'. For example: If a trader is using the FX AlgoTrader MACD Turbo indicator to provide alerts - by using Alerts Pro they can also receive a spoken, voice synthesised alert as well as the standard alert options (Email, on screen pop up within MACD Turbo).

    Standard MT4 Based Alert

    Alerts Pro Alert

    Alerts Pro is a really elegant tool which allows traders to be informed when specific conditions happen in real time.... but most importantly - Alerts Pro releases the trader from their trading terminal BUT still allows them to stay informed of what the market is doing. With the traditional MT4 alert enabled indicators, MQL4 programmers have always been fairly restricted. MQL4 indicators cannot slow the program thread (execution) in order to play and sequence long wav files. If you have ever tried to play a long wav file within an MT4 indicator - you will have experience sound clipping when new tick data is received. MT4 Expert Advisors can play longer wav files but using an EA for sound file control isn't especially elegant. Using an independent Java based approach is a far better solution as Java allows the programmer to run a multi-threaded set of instructions and also monitor clip playback far more precisely without impacting MetaTrader's performance.