Real Time Correlation Data for MetaTrader MT4

Real Time Correlation (MT4)

The FX AlgoTrader Correlation Indicator provides real time correlation data on MT4 charts for up to 30 FX pairs in real-time. The indicator will return the correlation data for the current chart timeframe. For example, if you run the correlation indicator on an hourly chart the system will return 60 minute correlation data - 5 minute charts return 5 minute correlation data. The correlation indicator uses a custom library function which calculates the Pearson correlation coefficient in real time.......Find out more

Market Flow Indicator for MetaTrader MT4

Market Flow (MT4)

One of the most important aspects of forex trading is determining market direction prior to entering a trade. Advanced forex traders often use multi timeframe forex market flow data in order to determine which forex currency pairs exhibit the strongest directional flow. After all "The trend is your friend". The FX AlgoTrader Market Flow V1 forex indicator uses fractal based support and resistance levels to calculate......Find out more

ATR Range Analysis Indictor for MetaTrader MT4

Range Analyzer (MT4)

The FX AlgoTrader Range Analyzer provides automated breakout and range analysis on over 20 forex pairs in real time. The range analyzer calculates the current daily achieved range for each analysed pair and displays the data using a histogram. This allows traders to make easy side by side comparisons on which pairs are most active in the market. The range analysis is based on ATR (Average True Range) data using a 14 day moving average......Find out more

Pivot Confluence Scanner Expert Advisor for MetaTrader MT4

Pivot Confluence Scanner (MT4)

The Pivots Scanner Module is a sophisticated expert advisor which analyses up to 23 trader defined currency pairs in real time. The system searches for potential support and resistance areas where either two or three multi-level pivots are within a trader defined proximity. The pivot level confluence can be made up of any combination of Daily, Weekly or Monthly pivot levels. These are often referred to as areas of confluence i.e. an area where technical levels are effectively grouped together in close proximity. Confluence levels are high probability price reaction points which diligent and well prepared traders monitor......Find out more

Triple Moving Average Crossover

Median Grid (MT4)

The Median Grid is based on the principle of mean reversion. On higher timeframes price typically reverts to it's mean figure. Trading based on grids is discussed extensively in Dirk Du Toit's book called 'Birdwatching in Lion Country'. This type of trading suits medium to longer term position traders. The Median Grid module provides an automated calculation based on the 28 day moving average of price action. The grid is displayed as the mean price with 4 standard deviation levels which have default values of -2,-1,+1,+2......Find out more

LFX Index Data for for MetaTrader MT4

Orion - Index Analyzer (MT4)

The Orion Index Analyzer is an index gain analysis and pair selection tool which dynamically calculates and filters LFX (LiteForex) index data on the fly. FX AlgoTrader have developed a unique calculation algorithm which allows this system to be run on any MT4 trading account -you are not tied to SIG Trader for LFX data as Orion calculates this data on the fly in real time. The Orion Index Analyzer provides traders with a unique ability to analyse the forex market from an index perspective rather than from individual pairs or groups of pairs.......Find out more

Forex Strength Analyzer Indicator for MetaTrader MT4

Strength Analyzer (MT4)

The tool allows traders to quickly establish which major currencies are overbought and which are oversold on any chart timeframe. In the example below we can see the JPY (represented by the yellow line) is markedly higher than all the other major currencies. We also note the EUR (represented by the blue line) is markedly lower than the other currencies. This indicates the JPY is overbought and the EUR is oversold. Therefore we can deduce the EURJPY currency pair may offer a trading opportunity. The screenshot below was taken on the 29/05/2014. The indicator was placed on a daily chart so the aggregated RSI data is based on Daily aggregated RSI data.......Find out more

Pivot Confluence Scanner Service

Pivot Confluence Scanner Service

The Pivot Confluence Scanner Service is a JavaFX based platform independent analysis tool which performs real time scanning of up to 21 currency pairs and provides a comprehensive alerts suite consisting of email, on screen pop up and audible alerts. The scanner service is a subscription based tool which does not require a local trading platform on the local machine. .....Find out more