FX AlgoTrader Alert Service


The FX AlgoTrader alert service provides an exceptionally powerful way for traders to stay informed when technical indicators or price action meet specified conditions.

Service subscribers can set up simple or sophisticated multi-timeframe, multi-condition alerts using a simple browser based interface. As soon as the defined conditions occur the FX AlgoTrader signal server generates an automated email which is sent directly to the trader's designated email address. There is no need to ensure your trading plaform is open... the alert service works 24X7X365!

The alert service is a great way to let the market come to you... in other words - traders are kept informed when specfic conditions occur which match their typical entry requirements to trade!! The power of this service cannot be overstated! It removes screen time, provides highly accurate signals and allows the trader to remove themselves from 'market overwatch' duties.

Remember... you don't have to be looking at a trading terminal to 'be a trader' and you don't have to be 'in the market' to be a trader. The smart and succesfull traders know when to be in the market and when not to be...... why not use an automated web based alert service to TELL YOU when you should be in the market?

M1 M5 M15 M30 H1 H4 D1 W1 MN1

Real Time Tick Volume % Change Data For Forex Majors accross all timeframes.
Just one of many real time data feeds which traders can monitor

FX AlgoTrader Alert Service Infrastructure


The comparison table below shows the difference between free web based alert service and the FX AlgoTrader Alert Service

Alert Functionality
Free Web Based Alert Services
FX AlgoTrader Alert Service
Multiple Conditions Within Alert
Real Time Triggering
Multiple Asset Class Support
Multiple Timeframe Support within Alert


Let the market come to you

One of the biggest problems traders experience is excessive screen time and overtrading. Spending hours in front of a trade terminal waiting for price action to meet entry criteria often leads traders into forcing trades before the appropriate entry criteria are met. Configure your alert criteria and go and do something else! When the correct conditions occur you will receive an email seconds later. In our experience the traders who make consistent profits don't trade that often - they wait for the right opportunities to come to them!

Real Time Data Feeds

The 'Add Signal' pages now includes a real time data feed for the filters selected - you can configure your signals logically by looking at the live data for each condition.

Real Time Data Feeds for Signal Service

Web Based Architecture.

The FX AlgoTrader alert service is web based. You don't need an underlying trading platform and you can access the service from any web connected device.

Flexible Pricing

You can subsribe to this powerful service for a ridiculously low figure of 55 cents per day! You can cancel the service whenever you want and re-start it whenever you want. There are no lock in periods, no requirements to install client side software and no requirement to always be logged into to your trading platform. Our signal servers do all the work for you.

Currently supported/trackable assets grouped by asset class

Forex Majors

Forex Crosses



Stocks (CFDs)
119 Stocks


Currently you can configure your own custom trading signal based on the following parameters:-

  • Bid and Ask prices
  • 14 period ATR across all timeframes*
  • ADX data across all timeframes*
  • MACD Main data across all timeframes*
  • MACD Signal data across all timeframes*
  • MACD Main Crossovers across all timeframes*
  • MACD Signal Crossovers across all timeframes*
  • Fast Stochastic (5,3,3) Crossovers across all timeframes*
  • Fast Stochastic (5,3,3) Main data across all timeframes*
  • Fast Stochastic (5,3,3) Signal data across all timeframes*
  • Slow Stochastic (10,6,6) Crossovers across all timeframes*
  • Slow Stochastic (10,6,6) Main data across all timeframes*
  • Slow Stochastic (10,6,6) Signal data across all timeframes*
  • RSI data across all timeframes*
  • Daily pivot data
  • Weekly pivot data
  • Monthly pivot data
  • Percentage Tick Volume Increase across all timeframes*
  • Bollinger Band Upper/Lower Channel tag on all timeframes*
  • Bollinger Band Close Above/Below Upper/Lower Channel on all timeframes*
  • 50/200 SMA Crossover across all timeframes*
  • High/Low Break detection for previous Day/Week and Month.

* Currently supported timeframes are:- M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 & MN1.

We intend to add substantially more filter conditions to the service in due course and would welcome suggestions.

Example. Adding an alert when BID price for USDJPY is greater than 97.5 and the ADX on the daily chart is greater than 30.

Once you are logged into the service you will be presented with the following screen:-


To add a new alert click the "Add New Signal" button which will take you to the following screen:


Select your asset class from the dropdown list and press "Go"


This will then populate the Asset column under "Condition_1" with a choice of Forex Major assets as shown below:-


Let's say we want to set up and alert for the USDJPY forex pair. To do this we simply click the Asset Dropdown box in the row called "Condition_1" and select USDJPY from the dropdown list of major pairs as shown below:-


Now we can start to add conditions for our alert. Let's say we want to be alerted whe the bid price for USDJPY goes above 97.50. To implement this we set the Filter for Condition_1 to BID, set 'Operation 1' to 'Greater Than' and then type "97.5" into the box called 'Value 1' as shown below:-


We can add additional conditions to our alert such as a technical indicator. So let's say we want to be alerted when the bid is greater than 97.5 and the ADX on the Daily chart is above 30. This helps us to identify if any trend is in place place behind the price move above 97.5. To implement this additional ADX filter we need to add another condition. To do this click the 'Asset' dropdown in the row called 'Condition_2' and select 'Set', select ADX for our Filter, set the timeframe to D1, 'Operation 1' to 'Greater Than' and then enter the value of 30 into 'Value 1' box. This implementation is shown below:-


Now we can submit our completed alert configuration to the server by pressing the "Submit" button on the right hand side. This will add the alert configuration into the database and take you to the following screen:-


The alert server displays all the active alerts set up for the subscriber. So the system will send an email to the traders email address when the BID price for USDJPY is greater than 97.5 AND the current value of the ADX indicator on the Daily chart is greater than 30. The system's default setup is to monitor the signal configuration 24 hours a day but we can restrict the monitor times by setting the 'Start' and 'Stop' parameters when the alert is created or we can edit these once the alert is active.

If we click the edit button the system will take us to the following screen:-


So we can change any of the parameters we want by using this interface. For example if we wanted to add some notes we simply type them into the notes field and then press submit. This then updates the server as shown below:-



Example email alert.



Alert Service Overview 
Alert Service Overview
Tick Volume Analysis on GBPUSD 
Tick Volume Analysis on GBPUSD year to date.... can you afford not to have this data??
50/200 SMA Crossover - Longer Timeframe can really deliver! 
50/200 SMA Crossover
Longer Timeframe can really deliver!


Using the Alert Service has numerous advantages when compared to purchasing software for a specific trading platform. A few of these advantages are:-

  • Massive reduction in screentime -

You receive an email when the conditions you are looking for occur. Ironically the longer you can stay out of the market for the more likely you are to make money and build equity - Let the market come to you - don't go to it - you will lose!

  • No requirement to run a trading platform 24X7 -

    We do it for you on our servers so you don't need to have MetaTrader loaded on your main trading machines.

  • Much lower entry cost -

    For less than $10 USD/month you can access multiple asset classes, technical oscillator data, pivot data, support and resistance data, daily, weekly and monthly breakout data on multple timeframes!. Plus.... the data sets are growing all the time!

  • No risk of buying software which may become redundant -

    If you buy client side software what happens if the platform vendor stops supporting the platform or the developer stops supporting their products?

  • No installation requirmement -

    Just subscribe, log in and set up your custom signals. It's easy!

  • No licensing requirement -

    No need to worry about account licensing, usage etc.

  • Ability to stop subscribing whenever you want -

    The subscriptions run month to month, if you want to stop using the service just cancel your subscription.

  • Education -

    We plan to deliver a range of informative video which will help inexperienced traders navigate their way around technical trading concepts. We spent years learning this stuff. You don't need to!

FX AlgoTrader Alert Service


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