Time Adjustable, Alert Enabled, Multi Timeframe Pivots Indicators for MetaTrader MT4

Are you serious about making money in FX?

If the answer to this questions is yes you
should be aware of multi-timeframe pivot confluence levels. 

If you need tools to quickly identify hyper accurate Daily, Weekly and Monthly pivot confluences you have come to the right place!

Learn why free pivots indicators can lead you to incorrect trading decisions which could cost you money

The FX AlgoTrader V3 Pivots system for Metatrader provides a highly configurable pivot suite for MetaTrader consisting of:-

  • Daily Pivots V3
  • Weekly Pivots V3
  • Monthly Pivots V3

Full Forex Pivot Array (M0-M5,S3-R3 - Daily - WM0-WM5,WS3-WR3 - Weekly - MM0-MM5,MS3-MR3 - Monthly)

The V3 indicators provide a wider forex pivot array which incorporates 4 additional levels for each indicator.

Time Shiftable Pivot Calculation

Traders can retard or advance the pivot calculation window to synchronize their pivots with the trading session they are active in. Eg London open or US open. This ensures traders are looking at the same levels as the majority of active market participants.

Multiple Independent Forex Pivot/Price Proximity Alert System

The V3 system has independent alerts for each forex pivot level. This allows traders to configure audible alerts when price action is within a specified range of any pivot level. The pivot alerts are independent so it is possible to set an alert for every pivot level ie. 13 simultaneous price proximity alerts for indicator

When a forex pivot is configured with an active alert the system automatically changes the pivot labelling system by adding an (A) suffix to indicate the alert is enabled.

Options for previous high/low

The previous day, week or month highs and lows for a forex pair are key technical levels and provide price reaction points which many traders watch carefully. As a result all forex traders should be aware of these levels. The V3 Pivots systems displays these pivot levels on the chart.

Email Alerts

Option to receive email alerts when price hits an alert enabled pivot level

Configurable Line Lengths and Colours

Control line length and colours to your own specification

Configurable Data Labels

Control data label position, size and colour for each pivot group. Adjust to your own specification

'M' Level Option

Show or hide the intermediate 'M' levels for each pivot indicator

Configurable Visibility

Determine which timeframes you want particular pivots to be displayed on.



V3 Pivot System with Full Pivot Array

V3 Pivot System
Calculation Window Data Display

Calculation Time Data displayed to aid pivot synchronization
Daily Pivots V3 Input Parameters

Daily Pivots V3 Input Parameters
Enabling an Alert on the Daily Central Pivot

Enabling an Alert on the Daily Central Pivot
Calculation Window Displayed on Chart (optional)

Calculation Window Displayed on Chart (optional)
Pivot Label Showing Alert Enabled for Central Pivot

Pivot Label Showing Alert Enabled for Central Pivot

Introduction to Moving Average Crossover Alert System
Daily Pivots V3 Demo Part 1

Introduction to Moving Average Crossover Alert System
Daily Pivots V3 Demo Part 2


  • See where the 'hidden' price reaction points are in the market. Pivots are absolutely essential trading tools

  • Reduce screen time by using price/pivot proximity alerts. Receive your alert via email if you wish.

  • Tuneable pivot calculation basis allows traders to syncronize their pivots to the apprpriate trading session. Eg London open, US open etc.

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