Statistical Arbitrage Expert Advisor for MetaTrader MT4

Stat Arb V3

Stat Arb V3 package is our most sophisticated Statistical Arbitrage Trading system developed to date. V3 features a wide range of improvements and extra features which allow traders to run the system in a variety of different modes to match the underlying market conditions. This creates a market adaptive trading system capable of trading in trending and stationary market environments. .......Find out more

Entry Level Statistical Arbitrage EA for MetaTrader MT4

Stat Arb V2

Stat Arb V2 is our entry level Statistical Arbitrage package which allows traders to access statistical arbitrage trading techniques at a budget level price. The system continuously monitors the performance of two historically highly correlated instruments which the trader defines. When the correlation between the two instruments weakens or diverges beyond a pre-defined level - V2 will automatically and simulataneously buy the weakest instrument and sell the strongest......Find out more