FX AlgoTrader Affiliate Program

If you supply complimentary services to forex traders and you are looking for additional incremental revenue streams you might be the sort of partner we are looking for.

We are very selective about who we partner with as there must be a strong complimentary nature between our products and the services or products our affiliates provide.

To date we have enjoyed significant success with forex education services as our trading tools have perfect synergy with forex education packages and forex trainers.

We are happy to consider exclusive product development with our affiliate partners on a negotiated joint venture basis.

We offer up to 35% commission on any license sales produced through affiliates.

We do not deal with Plimus, Commission Junction or parties who sit between affiliate partners and clip off their sales. Our affiliate relationships are based on trust and are direct.

If an affiliate partner wants to sell specific FX AlgoTrader products we will set up a custom Paypal button which the affiliate partner can embed within their website. Any sales generated from this custom button come directly to FX AlgoTrader for fulfilment. We set automated email based rules so that our affiliates are immediately informed as soon as a sale is made from their website.

At the end of each month FX AlgoTrader send each affiliate partner a commission payment which will be 35% of the total revenue created from FX AlgoTrader license sales from the affiliate's website.

We are gradually moving our pricing structure onto an annual subscription basis. This creates a valuable incremental revenue stream for affiliate partners who retain and grow their customer base.

If you would like to discuss any specific opportunities please send an email to 'info@fxalgotrader.com'