FX AlgoTrader Product Licensing

FX AlgoTrader products use a license management system which allows traders to run licensed products on up to four MetaTrader MT4 accounts simultaneously. The MT4 accounts can be any mix of live or demo.

Customers access the license management system using a unique reference number and ID whch is provided at the time of purchase. This allows customers to add/modify and delete MT4 account numbers registered on the license management system and also generate new installer links. There is no need to contact the FX AlgoTrader support department as customers can maintain their FX AlgoTrader installations independently by simply clicking on the license management links in the footer of all the FX AlgoTrader webpages.


License Management Frequently Asked Questions


How many accounts can I run the software on at the same time?

You can run on up to four (4) MT4 accounts simultanously - they can be live or demo.


Where is the MT4 account number held/displayed?

MT4 account numbers are always displayed in the top left hand corner of your MT4 application as shown in the screenshot below.

MT4 License Number Location


What is the justification for license management?

License Management protects FX AlgoTrader intellectual property and also the investments made in FX AlgoTrader made by our customers.


Does the license Management effect system performance?

Hardly at all. The only times MT4 queries the web server to verify license data is:-

  • When an FX AlgoTrader product is initially loaded on a chart. It takes roughly 1000 milli seconds (1 second) for MT4 to query the FX AlgoTrader license database. After this the indicator or EA will run at exactly the same speed as a normal clientside indicator or EA.

  • When MT4 is closed and re-launched. The same process described above takes place. Once the system verifies the account is registered the product performs at exactly the same speed as standard client side MT4 indicators or EAs.


    Still not happy?

If you are interested in FX AlgoTrader products but still have concerns over our licensing model please don't hesitate to get in touch. We can put you in touch with existing customers and we can also work through any concerns you have.