Please select the appropriate installation guide for your product(s)

We have two guides.. one for JavaFX/JFX products which use the Java interface and the other for our standard MT4 products which do not use the Java interface.

JavaFX/JFX Installation Guide

(For products which use the Java interface)

JavaFX/JFX Products
All Moving Average Systems All Pivot Products
Triple MA Crossover with AutoTrading Triple MA Crossover Alert System
All Trendline Based Trading Tools Pivot Scanner Service
Strenght Analyzer V2 RSI Alert
Trend Change Indicator Stochastic Crossover
Statistical Arbitrage V4.0 'Opulen' Real-Time Correlation
Trendline Alert

Standard Installation Guide

(For standard MT4 tools which do NOT use the Java interface)

Standard Products
Statistical Arbitrage V3 Range Analyzer
Orion Index Analyzer Zeus Risk Controller
Strenght Analyzer V1 Market Flow