Introduction for JavaFX (JFX) Installation Procedure

Welcome to the installation guide for FX AlgoTrader products which use a JavaFX interface.

Make sure you have a zip utlity installed so you can access the zipped installer package. We recommend 7Zip which is free!

Also make sure you have Java installed on your machine and it is up to date. You can download java here. It is also free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1.

The installation process is exactly the same for all JFX products but there are specific video installation guides as follows:-

Generic Installation Guide (watch from 1:10 onwards)

Triple MA Crossover Installation Guide

Quarterly Rolling Pivots (Watch from 0:50 onwards)

Step 2

Login to the License Management area using your unique reference number and ID sent to you by email. Once you have logged in scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Generate Installer Links'

Click the 'Hybrid JFX/MT4 Installers' tab. Then select the product you wish to install from the table - your download should start automatically

Step 3

Open up the zip package you've just downloaded, run the installer and install the package in the MT4 Data Folder (Use the MT4 'Open Data Folder' option to very quickly identify the MT4 Data Folder location).

Do not make assumptions about the installation location.

How to find the MT4 Data Folder

Step 4

In MT4 - Right click in the Navigator window (Press Control + N to display the MT4 navigator) and select 'Refresh'.

Now locate your product in the MT4 Navigator. All FX AlgoTrader products are prefixed with 'FXA -'

Select your product and drag it onto your chart. Select the common tab when the product splash screen loads - ensure 'Allow DLLs imports' and 'allow import of external experts' are both checked

Step 5

You will see a red notification on your chart saying "JFX Interface not loaded".

To load the interface open the MT4 Data Folder and double click the file called 'FXA_JFX_Interface.jar'.

Step 6

Enter your unique ID and Reference number into the java interface then click the 'Customer Login' button

Step 7

The interface will prompt you to enter the path to the MT4 Data Folder (1st run only).

The system uses the installation folder as the default MT4 Data Path. If this is correct click 'Done'.

The product catalogue will then be displayed. Now select your product from dropdown menus and change the MT4 chart timeframe to remove the red 'interface not loaded' text