About FX AlgoTrader

FX Algotrader was founded in 2009 by Crispin Scruby.

We develop and market trading tools tailored for novice and experienced stock, forex, commodity and index traders. The FX AlgoTrader product range provides trading tools ranging from multi-timeframe pivot systems to semi-automated trading systems such as statistical arbitrage engines and auto-trendline trading systems.

We develop mainly for the MetaTrader MT4 trading platform but we are porting selected products to MT5 and we also develop platform independent tools.

We DO NOT market 'get rich quick' fx trading robots or curve fitted expert advisors based on historical data.

Our development strategy is strongly orientated around customer feedback and many of our second and third generation products include enhancements and modifications suggested by our install base which incorporates a high number of long term profitable traders.

Our current range of trading tools consists of:-

Multi-Timeframe Pivot Systems

We provide a wide range of multi-timeframe pivot systems for MetaTrader MT4. These range from simple fixed calculation based systems through to variable timeframe, sophisticated intra-day systems. All pivot systems are highly configurable and incorporate basic and comprehensive price pivot proximity alert systems.

Current Range of Pivot based products:-

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Standard Pivots System for MetaTrader MT4
Fibonnacci Pivot Systems for MetaTrader MT4
Quarterly Rolling Pivots Systems for MetaTrader MT4
Six Monthly Rolling Pivots Systems for MetaTrader MT4
Predictive Pivots For MetaTrader MT4

Custom Analysis Tools

Our indicator tool suite provides a range of trading tools designed to reduce trader screen time. The current range includes:-

RSI Alert System for MetaTrader MT4
Trendline Alert System for MetaTrader MT4
Tick Volume Alert System for MetaTrader MT4
Market Flow Indicator for MetaTrader MT4
Median Grid Indicator for MetaTrader MT4
Enhanced MACD Indicator for MetaTrader MT4
Aggregated Currency Strength Indicator for MetaTrader MT4
Multi-Currency Range Analyzer for MetaTrader MT4
Pivot Confluence Scanner for MetaTrader MT4
Real Time Correlation Indicator for MetaTrader MT4
Moving Average Alert System for MetaTrader MT4
Advanced Moving Average Crossover Alert for MetaTrader MT4
Stochastic Crossover Alert System for MetaTrader MT4

Automated Trading Tools (Expert Advisors)

Currently we market 8 automated trading system for MetaTrader MT4. These incorporate fully automated trade functionality and/or trade opportunity detection within the MetaTrader MT4 environment. They are:-

Automated Trendline Trading Systems
- A range of automated trendline trading systems which allow traders to automated trades from pre-drawn trendlines

Statistical Arbitrage Systems for MetaTrader MT4
- Classic Pairs trading / mean reversion based trading systems

Zeus Risk Controller for MetaTrader MT4
- Automated MT4 Risk Controller.