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The FX AlgoTrader MA Price Crossover / Proximity alert indicator provides traders who monitor moving averages with two types of alert option which are Price/Moving Average Crossover Alerts and also Price/Moving Average Proximity alerts.

Once the trader has defined the moving average period they wish to monitor the system will constantly monitor price action and it's relationship with the moving average. If proximity alerts are enabled, as soon as the price action comes within a trader specified threshold (specified in pips) around the moving average - an alert will be triggered. If crossover alerts are also enabled the trader will receive alerts when the price has crossover over the moving average.

Furthermore, the trader can control the 'crossover mode' of the price / moving average crossover. The system has two modes which are 'Touch' and 'Printed'. A 'touch' based crossover is the price momentarily crosses the moving average and a 'printed' crossover is where the price has crossed the moving average and the bar/candle has closed thus creating a physically printed price moving average crossover.

How do traders use the Price and Moving Relationship?

A lot of traders monitor the relationship between price and the 200 period SMA/EMA (simple moving average/exponential moving average) on longer terms charts. Traders consider the market to have a bullish (long) bias when price action is above the 200 period MA and a bearish bias when price action is below the 200 period MA.

The calculation method which traders use is personal preference but EMAs will track price action more closely and therefore provide a slightly earlier signal than moving averages calculated using the SMA method.

If traders use the FX AlgoTrader proximity alert function within this tool they can also get advanced warning of a potential MA cross or rejection as price action comes within a specified range of a defined moving average. In many cases moving averages can act as either support or resistance so traders can benefit from being alerted when price is close to a critical level. A price proximity alert allows the trader to analyse his/her options and to develop a trading plan depending on how price action behaves when the moving avergae is actually touched.

Key Features

Indicator Parameter Name Description
Use_Alerts_Pro For traders who have subscribed to the FX AlgoTrader Alerts Pro speech synthesised alerts service
Enable Crossover Alerts Enables/disables crossover alert system
Enable Price-MA Proximity Alerts Enables/disables the price/proximity alert system
Proximity Alert in Pips Sets the width of the proximity channel alert above and below the moving average
Proximity Alert Channel Colour Sets the colour for the proximity channel
Proximity Alert Channel Length in Chart Periods Sets the display length of the proximity channel
Proximity Alert Sound Sets the wav sound played when a proximity alert is generated
Enable Push Alerts Enables/Disables Push notifications sent from MT4 to your mobile device running the MT4 app
Enable MT4 On-screen pop-up alerts Enables/Disables on screen MT4 pop up alerts - uses standard MT4 alert pop up function
Enable Email Alerts Enables/Disables email alerts - email settings are configured within the MT4 options (CTRL+O / Email Tab)
Crossover Alert Sound Sets the wav sound played when crossover alerts are generated
Maximum Number of Alerts Sets the maximum permitted number of alerts which can be generated
Minimum Time Between each crossover alert in seconds Sets the minimum time between crossover alerts in seconds
Minimum Time Between each proximity alert Sets the minimum time between proximity alerts in seconds (use a different value to the minimum time between crossover alerts)
Reset Alert Counter after (x) minutes Resets the alert counter after X minutes. Recommended value is the same as the chart period - eg for M15.. use 15, for H1 use 60, for H4 use 240
Crossover Mode Select 'Touch' for momentary crossover alerts and 'Printed' for alerts when the price has physically crossed the MA and the candle has closed
Moving Average Period Sets the Period for the Moving Average which is being monitored in relation to the current price
Moving Average Shift Allows the trader to shift the moving average by X chart period - we do not recommend changing this
Moving Average calculation method Allows the trader to select the standard MT4 calculation options eg Simple, Exponential, Smoothed and Linear Weighted
Moving Average Applied Price Allows the trader to control the price basis on which the moving average is calculated


USDCHF M15 chart showing Price Proximity Alert and also a price moving average crossover (last candle closed below the MA)

External input parameters

+/- 10 Pip Proximity Alert Channel with a 5 period width

Push Alerts being delivered in MT4 app on Android mobile device

Demo Videos

Video Overview of the MA Price Crossover & Proximity Alert Indicator



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