Trendline Trader Pro
Frequently Asked Questions

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You can run Trendline Trader Pro on as many MT4 account as you want. The Java interface can be configured to control FX AlgoTrader JFX products on any MT4 platform.
Yes you can. You can draw as many trendlines as you want on a chart and each one can have a completely different trading behaviour.
In MT4, press F8 to show the properties window, select the common tab and tick the option called "Show object descriptions"
It depends on how the trendline has been configured. If the trendline was set up for "Single Order Only" then it will only activate once. However, if "Single Order Only" is not selected the trendline will remain active whilst it extends past the current price action. So in the scenario where price action re-enters the trendlines trigger zone the system will place a subsequent trade providing the maximum number of orders parameter has not been exceeded and also the minimum order interval parameters have been satisfied.
'Max Orders' controlls the maximum number of simultaneous open orders allowed at any one time. This is specific to the asset so if 'Max Orders' was set to 5 on a GBPUSD chart the system would only allow a maximum of 5 GBPUSD orders to be triggered by Trendline Trader Pro
Any trendline drawn on the chart which is still valid (it extends past current price action) can be used again apart from where the trendline has been used for "Single Order Only"
No. Trendline Trader Pro can only manage orders it places.
Yes, providing the trendline wasn't configured for 'Single Order Only'.
Yes, unless MT4 is open no EAs can function. So you need to have MT4 open with the Trendline Trader Pro EAs running on the charts with Automated Trading Enabled. However, you don't need to have the Java interface loaded as this is really a pre-trade tool used for rapidly configuring auto trading parameters for trendlines
Yes you can.
'Max Orders' controls the number of simultaneous open orders allowed at any one time. If you used 30 as your 'Max Orders' parameter and price action repeatedly tested your trigger zone, Trendline Trader Pro would open an order providing the 'Max Orders' parameter had not been exceeded (ie there are less than 30 open orders for the asset) AND the the time the last order was opened was longer ago than the minimum order interval. So if you used 60 minutes as your minimum order interval then the system would not open any more orders until the current time was greater than the last order open time plus 60 minutes.

Yes. In the scenario shown in the schematic above the first long (buy) order will run to profit at the set Take Profit (TP) level, then when price retests the trendline the system will open another long (buy) order providing the first order was not opened within the minimum order interval.
Yes in a pre-trade environment the SL and TP levels displayed in the trigger grid will be parallel to the trendline they are configured for. Once the trade is executed the level management is handled by MT4 so the SL and TP levels will be displayed on the chart as horizontal levels. If the trader has set trailing stops in TT Pro the stop loss will ratchet up if price action moves in the direction of the trade thereby providing a market adaptive stop loss function. If trailing stops are used it is adviseable to use a much higher TP level in order to give the potential position room to run. Essentially the trader would be looking to get taken out of such a trade by the trailing stop rather than hitting the take profit level. Of course if a very large (X hundred pip) TP level was used and it was hit by a favourable price spike, then most traders would be quite happy :)
No. MQL4 cannot calculated price/time proximity from a horizxontal or vertical lines drawn in MT4. You must use Trendlines if you want to automate trades. You can easily draw flat trendlines if you want to trigger trades off historical price derived support and resistance levels.