Installation Guide for XL Series Products (For MT4 and MT5 XL Series Products)


DO's and DONT's


DON'T install anywhere else apart from in the MT4 / MT5 DATA FOLDER

DON'T move files around if the installation doesn't work

DONT' make assumptions about the installation because you deem yourself to be an MT4 / MT5 'expert'

Welcome to the installation guide for FX AlgoTrader XL Series products. Please make sure you have a zip utlity installed so you can access the zipped installer package. We recommend 7Zip which is free!

If you are installing MT4 products make sure you have Java installed on your machine and it is up to date. You can download java here. It is also free!

If you would prefer a video overview of the installation process here is a general installation video

All our products are developed for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems ie Windows 7,8,10 & 11. Windows 12 is a Linux distribution, not an official Microsoft product and an operating system we cannot provide support for.

Login to the Account Management area (shown in the screenshot below) using your unique reference number (Ref) and ID sent to you by email.

Once you have logged in click 'Generate Installer Links' as shown in the screenshot below

Now click the 'MT4 - XL Series Installers' Tab tab as shown in the screenshot below

Locate your product in the installer table and double click on the image of the man holding a spanner in the 'Installer link' column to start the download of the installer. If you've purchased an MT5 product select the 'MT5 - XL Series Installers Tab'

Open MetaTrader 4/5 and click 'File' and then select 'Open Data Folder' as shown in the screenshot below.

Right click in the data path field at the top of the windows explorer window and select 'Copy address as text' from the dropdown menu

IMPORTANT NOTE: The screenshot above shows the MQL4 folder selected but not opened... the MQL4 folder is a sub folder within the MT4 Data Folder. Do not mistakenly double click on the MQL4 folder and then click "copy address as text" ... in other words if you see 'MQL4' in your data folder path you're one folder too deep/ below the MT4 Data Folder. For MT5 installations you will see MQL5 rather than MQL4.

NOW CLOSE MetaTrader 4/5

Locate the product installer you downloaded in Step 1 and run the installer by double clicking it. The installer will open, read through the license agreement and click the 'I accept the agreement' radio button and then click the 'Next' button (see screenshot below).

The installer will now prompt you to enter the destination location for the product installation. Right click in the text field area and select 'Paste' from the dropdown menu as shown in the screenshot below

You will now see your MT4 / MT5 Data Folder location in the text field - Click the 'Next >' button to continue

DO NOT use the same MT4 / MT5 Data Folder as shown in this installation guide unless your file path is exactly the same.

ONLY install the package in your MT4 / MT5 Data Folder. If you point the installer at your MQL4, MQL5, Indicators or Expert Advisors folder the installation won't work

If you see a pop up alert as shown below telling you the folder already exists - click the 'Yes' button

The installer is now ready to install - click the 'Install' button to complete the installation

VERY IMPORTANT: If you get Windows UAC prompts during the installation process make sure you ALLOW the installer to make changes on your computer.

If you get any error messages during the installation close MetaTrader and click the 'Retry' button

Click the 'Finish' button to complete the installation process

MT5 USERS - SKIP THIS STEP - GO TO STEP 5 (There is no Java license management system for MT5 XL Series tools as from 22/11/2022)

The installer will automatically launch the FX AlgoTrader license management utility providing Java has been installed on the machine.
Enter your Reference number (Ref) and ID as supplied in the auto fulfilment email after purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the license manager didn't automatically load it's because 1) Java isn't installed on your machine or 2) jar files (Java programs) are not associated with the Java Environment. See Frequencty asked questions section titled "I've run the installer but the license management utlity didn't show up/launch - what's wrong?"

Click the 'Login' button.

Click the 'Continue' button and the license mangement utility will now minimise
Now re-open MetaTrader 4/5. Open the MT4/MT5 Navigator window (Press Control + N)

Locate your product in the MT4 / MT5 Navigator. All FX AlgoTrader products are prefixed with 'FXA -'

Select your product and drag it onto the chart using your mouse. Select the common tab when the product splash screen loads - ensure 'Allow DLLs imports' and 'allow import of external experts' are both checked a shown in the screenshot below and then click the 'OK' button

Now configure the external input paramters of your specific product

This is by far the most common support query...make sure you pointed the installer at the MT4 / MT5 Data Folder - if you installed into the MT4 / MT5 indicators folder you need to start over and read Steps 2 and 3 of the installation guide carefully. If you are certain you installed the tools in the MT4 / MT5 Data Folder make sure MT4 / MT5 was closed when you ran the installer. If you ran the installer with MT4 / MT5 open - just close it and re-open it. If you're installation target was correct the indicators/ea's will now be visible in MT4 / MT5. If you still can't see any FX AlgoTrader tools go back to Step 2 and Step 3 of the installation guide.
Check your MT4 / MT5 Data folder for a file called 'FXA - Standard Tools License Manager.jar' - if you can see it you've correctly installed the product in the MT4 / MT5 Data Folder.. if you can't see it you need to go back to Step 2 and 3 of this guide.

Assuming you can see the license management utlity (jar file) and Java is installed on your machine the most probable reason why the license management system isn't launching is because you have file association issues on your machine. This mean your computer is not associating jar files (java programs) with the Java platform. To fix this check out this web resource or Google "How to fix Java file association issues on Windows"
Please check out this video.
Unlimited number of MT4 / MT5 accounts.
You can run XL Series products on as many charts and timeframes as you like. There are no restrictions.
'Allow DLL imports' is a tick box option in the common tab for all MT4 / MT5 indicators and Expert Advisors. When you load a product you will be presented with a small interface.... to access 'Allow DLL imports' click the common tab and select the option in the tick boxes as shown in the screenshot below.

If you want to always allow DLL imports make a global change in the MT4 option menu. To do so - in MT4 / MT5 click 'Tools' / 'Options' and then select the 'Expert Advisors' tab. Now make sure 'Allow DLL imports' is ticked as shown below. This will always ensure "Allow DLL imports" is selected on product load.

Follow the advise below the notification ie Run the FXA_Standard_Tools_License_Manager.jar file which will be in your MT4 / MT5 Data Folder. If you can't locate the license management tool it means you've installed the tools somewhere else apart from the MT4 / MT5 Data Folder. In this case refer back to Step 2 and 3 of the installation guide.
The installers available in the license management system use Inno Setup which is a Delphi based program - when the installer is run it effectively copies all the files required to whichever folder the installer is pointed/directed to. Therefore to access all the required files all you need to do is run the installer and point it at any temporary folder on your machine - then open the folder and copy the files into the correct locations in the MT4 / MT5 file system. Essentially, it's much, much easier to simply point the installer at your MT4 / MT5 Data Folder and let it do all the work for you. But if you want the individual files - they are always packaged in the repsective installer programs for each product.