Pivot Confluence Scanner Service

The FX AlgoTrader Pivot Confluence Scanner service provides a platform independent solution for traders wishing to be alerted when price action is within a specific range of Daily, Weekly or Monthly pivot confluences on major forex currency pairs. Typically these hidden multi-timeframe pivot confluences provide high probabability price reaction levels in the market so it is vitally important to be aware of these levels for an active trader

The service is provided on a monthly subscription basis with no contract lock ins so the subscriber can cancel whenever they wish.

When a trader subscribes to the service they will be sent a username and password which will allow them access to the FX AlgoTrader license management system where they can generate their own installer links for the system. The pivot confluence scanner is developed in JavaFX and can be run on any Windows operating system.

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Unique JavaFX control interface Allow rapid configuration changes so that the service can be tailored to the trader's requirements
Up to date, accurate pivot confluence data Real Time data is supplied direct from the FX AlgoTrader web server - there is no requirement to have a local trading platform or price feed on your machine. All the confluence data is generated from the FX AlgoTrader data server
Twin and Triple level confluence data The scanner produces Twin confluence levels (two pivot levels in close proximity to one another and triple confluence levels (three pivot levels in close proximity to one another
Email alert facility Traders can receive email alerts for any Yahoo mail account. (Yahoo mail accounts are free)
Confluence Proximity Filter Traders can define how close pivot confluence levels should be to each other in pip terms. The closer the pivot confluence data the higher the likelihood the confluence level will provide a price reaction point
Price Proximity Filter Traders can define how close price action should be to the confluence level in pips for each individual currency pair they are tracking
Wide range of supported forex pairs The confluence scanner service proovides confluence data for the following forex pairs






Forex Pivot Confluence Scanner Control Interface
Pivot Confluence Scanner JavaFX Control Interface


Forex Pivot Confluence Data
Pivot Scanner Confluence Data Interface


Forex Pivot Confluence Alerts Service
Pivot Scanner Alert Interface showing alert conditions






Automated indication of potential market turning points via email The scanner alerts the trader automatically when price action is within the defined range of a confluence level
Real Time Scanning Scans up to 21 simultaneous forex pairs for price/confluence proximity in real time
Completely platform independent There is no requirement for a local trading platform or forex price feed
Hugely configurable Traders can design their own pivot confluence proximities, price proximities, whether to receive twin and or triple confluence alerts etc
JavaFX Alert Module Features the new FX AlgoTrader JFX alert module for far more detailed pop up alert data


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Monthly Subscription License (no contract lock-in)
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