Standard Pivots Indicators for MetaTrader MT4

The JFX Pivot System is a unique Java FX and MetaTrader integration. It consists of MT4 indicators and a JavaFX interface which is used to control the underlying MT4 indicators.

The advantages of this approach are numerous and include:-


Ultra Fast configuration/parameter changes using a JavaFX interface
A far more sophisticated JavaFX based alert system compared to the standard MT4 pop up alerts
Email Alerts
Trader defined alert sound control
Trader defined profiles
The ability to create multiple timeframe related profiles for each asset class. This is not possible with standard MT4 indicators or EAs!




EURGBP H4 chart with Daily, Weekly and Monthly pivot overlay

EURGBP H4 chart with Daily, Weekly and Monthly pivot overlay


EURGBP Hourly chart with 3 pip alert zone configured around Daily S1 Pivot

EURGBP Hourly chart with 3 pip alert zone configured around Daily S1 Pivot




The Daily Pivots Interface


The screenshot below shows the interface for controlling Daily pivots which are also drawn on the MetaTrader chart. The trader has precise, granular control over every aspect of how the pivots are presented on the chart. There are seperate interfaces for Weekly and Monthly pivots accordingly which can be launched from the JFX product catalogue.

JFX Pivot Interface


The JFX Product Catalogue Interface

The JFX Product Catalogue Interface


The Weekly Pivots Interface

Weekly Pivots Indicator for MetaTrader 4


The Monthly Pivots Interface

Monthly Pivots Indicator for MetaTrader 4



High Level Parameter Overview



Customisation Parameter
Available Options
Pivots calculation time Traders can control the start and end times for the pivots calculation window. This allows them to sychronise the pivots on their trading platform with the London open or New York open. By tuning the pivot calculation the trader can ensure they are seeing the same levels traders in the active trading timeframe are seeing.
Display calculation data Traders can control the look and feel of the calculation data and also where it is displayed on the current chart.
Previous High/Low Control The traders can choose to display or hide the previous days high and low data which is so often a critical support or resistance level the following day. The look and feel of this data is also completely configurable.
Independent JavaFX based alert system The JFX tools use a custom JavaFX alert interface which is trader configurable. Traders can also use any .wav file on their computer for audio alert purposes. The soundclip used will not clip as is the case for long duration wav audio clips triggered from MT4 indicators.
Pivot Alert Threshold Channels The JFX alert system allows traders to create a chart visible trigger channel around pivot levels they are interested in monitoring.
Colours, lengths, label positions, styles etc The JFX interface allows complete control over all visual pivot components. Modification and changes can be made in a couple of mouse clicks rather than having to delve into MT4 external input parameters tabs in every indicator loaded on each chart.
Custom Profiles The trader can create timeframe specific profiles for the same indicator on the same chart... in other words you can have a pivot layout which is specific to GBPUSD on the H1 chart but also have a completely different configuration on the M30 or M1 chart... there is no need to load new profiles when the chart timeframe is changed - if the profile is present MT4 will auto load the stored profile for the specific timeframe. This functionality isn't possible with standard MT4 tools.
Email Alerts Of course traders also can be alerted by email if they so wish.

The JavaFX Alert Module

The JavaFX Alert Module

The Java FX based alert module provides a far more sophisticated pop up alert module than the standard MetaTrader MT4 version. Traders can see the alerts in a table structure which can be sorted based on their criteria. The table columns can be resized and columns can be hidden using the buttons at the bottom of the interface. The alert modue shows the Date, Time, Symbol, Period, Alert Condition and also the Soundfile (.wav file) defined for the specific chart and trendline. The Java FX versions of the FX AlgoTrader products allow traders to set up alert profiles which can be specific to an individual timeframe - this means traders can create different parameter configuarations/display options and accompanying alert sounds for individual timeframes if they wish to. This is a unique feature of the Java FX interface!

Further Benefits of the Java FX approach

Change Parameters very quickly in MetaTrader Pivots indicators

Ultra quick parameter changes - traders can change parameters within seconds! Just click the interface, make the required changes and they will be reflected in the underlying indicator when then next tick is received! 

Control Multiple pivots indicators in MetaTrader 4

Traders can control multiple charts from a single external interface.... there is no requirement to drill down into each chart and scroll through long external input parameter lists!

Using Indicator profiles in MetaTrader 4

Traders can define profiles which allow a pre-defined set of parameters to be applied to a new chart with a couple of mouse clicks!

How to quickly set up multiple indicator profiles in MetaTrader 4

Profiles/current configurations can be 'rippled' across all MT4 timeframes with a mouse click.... OR... traders can define unique profiles for each timeframe for a specific chart ID... 

This is a UNIQUE feature with the FX AlgoTrader Java FX based products as normal MT4 based indicators and EAs hold the same parameter configuration for ALL MT4 timeframes... 

This approach creates a very powerful toolset for traders who perform top down analysis as specific parameters can be optimized for specific timeframes.



JFX Pivot Installation Guide - Update 20/02/2019

JFX Pivot Update 03/09/2015 - now with auto chart sensing function





Ultra fast pivot configuration changes in MetaTrader 4
Ultra fast config changes, control of multiple charts from the JavaFX interface, the ability to play long duration wav files within indicators without clipping, sophisticated alert module which can be sorted, customized and inspected at any time
Easy to install pivots indicator for MetaTrader 4
Easy Installation - no MT4 license management and no Windows UAC issues
Faster pivot indicator for MetaTrader 4
Faster load time compared to standard FX AlgoTrader MT4 specific products
Pivots indicators for MetaTrader with email and push notifications
Email alerts and push notifications (where specified) - reduces screentime and allow the market to come to you!
Custom indicator settings for MetaTrader 4
Profile options to allow traders to deploy their own custom indicator settings within a couple of mouse clicks
Auto chart sensing pivot indicator for MetaTrader 4
Auto chart sensing - click on a chart and the interface will load the configuration automatically!



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