Daily High / Low Prediciton Indicator for MetaTrader MT4

Are you serious about making money in FX?

If the answer to this questions is yes you should be aware of multi-timeframe pivot confluence levels. 

If you need tools to quickly identify hyper accurate Daily, Weekly and Monthly pivot confluences you have come to the right place!

The FX AlgoTrader Predictive Pivots Indicator uses Tom DeMark's next day projected high/low algorithm to accurately calculate and plot projected high and low levels for the next day's price action.

The indicator automatically calculates and displays the next day's projected high and low on any chart and allows the trader comprehensive configuration options to control the calculation window and display options. The latest version of the system uses the unique FX AlgoTrader JFX control interface for very quick and easy parameter changes.




Projected High Low on EURUSD

Projected High Low on EURUSD

Calculation Window (Configurable)

Calculation Window (Configurable)

Projected High / Low on GBPUSD

Projected High / Low on GBPUSD



Improved, simplified pivot shift controls
Price/Proximity Alerts with configurable trigger zones around projected high and low
Price/Proximity Alerts with configurable trigger zones around projected high and low
Calculation window indication points
Configurable line colours, styles and lengths
Visibility controls vs timeframe
Configurable data display




Predict today's high/low and take positions accordingly
Reduce screen time by using price/pivot proximity alerts. Receive your alert via email if you wish
Tuneable pivot calculation basis allows traders to syncronize their pivots to the appropriate trading session. Eg London open, US open etc


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Perpetual License (One Time Fee) with free Technical Support
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