Six Month Rolling Pivots for MetaTrader MT4

The Six Month Rolling Pivots (JFX System) is a state of the art rolling quarterly pivots controller with sophisticated independent alert controls, full customization options and ultra fast config and profile management capabilities. For traders looking for the ultimate in cross timeframe customisation - there is simply no finer tool on the market.

The importance of these long time frame pivots cannot be understated. Price action respects the quarterly levels time and time again with a high degree of accuracy. For an independent assessment of the importance of long term pivot levels please review this article in Forbes




The Six Monthly Rolling Pivots toolset allows the trader to control every aspect of how these important long range pivots are displayed. The table below shows the array of customisation options available to the trader.


Customisation Parameter

Available Options

Independent JavaFX based alert system The JFX tools use a custom JavaFX alert interface which is trader configurable. Traders can also use any .wav file on their computer for audio alert purposes. The soundclip used will not clip as is the case for long duration wav audio clips triggered from MT4 indicators.
Pivot Alert Threshold Channels The JFX alert system allows traders to create a chart visible trigger channel around pivot levels they are interested in monitoring.

Quarterly Rolling Pivots for MetaTrader

Colours, lengths, label positions, styles etc The JFX interface allows complete control over all visual pivot components. Modification and changes can be made in a couple of mouse clicks rather than having to delve into MT4 external input parameters tabs in every indicator loaded on each chart.

Quarterly Rolling Pivots for MetaTrader

Custom Profiles The trader can create timeframe specific profiles for the same indicator on the same chart... in other words you can have a pivot layout which is specific to GBPUSD on the H1 chart but also have a completely different configuration on the M30 or M1 chart... there is no need to load new profiles when the chart timeframe is changed - if the profile is present MT4 will auto load the stored profile for the specific timeframe. This functionality isn't possible with standard MT4 tools.
Email Alerts Traders can receive email alerts to the email address designated in their MT4 Email Options


Alert Module


Six Monthly Rolling Pivots for MetaTrader


The Java FX based alert module provides a far more sophisticated pop up alert module than the standard MetaTrader MT4 version. Traders can see the alerts in a table structure which can be sorted based on their criteria. The table columns can be resized columns can be hidden using the buttons at the bottom of the interface. The alert modue shows the Date, Time, Symbol, Period, Alert Condition and also the Soundfile (.wav file) defined for the specific chart and trendline. The Java FX versions of the FX AlgoTrader products allow traders to set up alert profiles which can be specific to an individual timeframe - this means traders can create different parameter configuarations/display options and accompanying alert sounds for individual timeframes if they wish to. This is a unique feature of the Java FX interface.

Further Benefits of the Java FX approach


Ultra quick parameter changes - traders can change parameters within seconds! Just click the interface, make the required changes and they will be reflected in the underlying indicator when then next tick is received! 


Traders can control multiple charts from a single external interface.... there is no requirement to drill down into each chart and scroll through long external input parameter lists!

Traders can define profiles which allow a pre-defined set of parameters to be applied to a new chart with a couple of mouse clicks!

Profiles/current configurations can be 'rippled' across all MT4 timeframes with a mouse click.... OR... traders can define unique profiles for each timeframe for a specific chart ID... 

This is a UNIQUE feature with the FX AlgoTrader Java FX based products as normal MT4 based indicators and EAs hold the same parameter configuration for ALL MT4 timeframes... 

This approach creates a very powerful toolset for traders who perform top down analysis as specific parameters can be optimized for specific timeframes.


Major Support and Resistance Pivot Level Array


Due to the limitations within MetaTrader we can only overlay upto 8 line traces simultaneously. Therefore the indicator supports the major support and resistance levels ranging from HYS3-HYR3. The specific levels are:- HYS3,HYS2,HYS1,HYPP,HYR1,HYR2,HYR3.


Price Proximity Alert System


Traders can configure the six month rolling pivots indicator to alert them when price is within a defined threshold (number of pips) from any six monthly pivot level.




Six Monthly Rolling Pivots on Daily GBPUSD chart showing accurate price reaction points

Six Monthly Rolling Pivots on Daily GBPUSD chart

GBPUSD Support at HYS1 with 480+ pip upward move

Daily GBPUSD chart showing accurate price reaction points

AUDUSD Daily Chart showing price action vs six monthly pivot levels.

AUDUSD Daily Chart showing price action vs six monthly pivot levels




Control six monthly pivots on multiple charts from one interface
See where the major long term price reaction points are in the market
Six monthly pivots often coincide with trend change points creating high probability reversal opportunities with large numbers of pips on the table
Reduce screen time by using price/pivot proximity alerts





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