MACD crossover indicator - MetaTrader MT4

The FX AlgoTrader MACD Turbo indicator gives the forex traders using MetaTrader 4 a professional MACD indicator with a histogram, a sophisticated control interface for making ultra fast changes and most importantly a fully functional crossover alert module which can deliver alerts via email on-screen pop up or via audio alerts (wav files)


The FX AlgoTrader Java Advantage

Understanding the power of FX AlgoTrader's MetaTrader products which leverage the Java interface


Video Overview of the MACD Crossover Alert System

MACD Turbo Features

* * * Now with Push Notifications * * *

MACD Turbo is 100% MetaTrader MT4 compatible (Java is free to download from - the control interface is designed to synchronize with MetaTrader MT4)
Make super fast parameter changes courtesy of the JavaFX interface
Receive alerts (via email, push notification and on screen pop up) when the MACD and signal lines crossover on a forex chart
Tune the fast EMA (exponential moving average), slow EMA and signal EMA periods to match your requirements
Option to display or hide the MACD histogram on a forex chart
Control the colour and histogram bar width
Control the colour and style of the MACD and signal lines
Control the maximum number of alerts generated within a specific time period
Control if alerts are generated on temporal MACD 'touches' or physically printed MACD crossovers
Define unique profiles (preferred settings) for EACH timeframe for the SAME pair or asset being traded in MetaTrader. This is impossible with a standard MT4 indicator!
Copy profiles to ALL the MT4 timeframes for a given chart symbol with one click! (This effectively provides the same functionality as a standard MT4 indicator where the indicator parameters are the same accross all MT4 timeframes.

MACD Turbo Indicator for MetaTrader MT4

MT4 Forex Chart with MACD Turbo Indicator loaded and JavaFX control interface in bottom right hand corner of screen

The JavaFX Control Interface

MetaTrader MT4 MACD Indicator -Java FX Interface


The JavaFX Alert Module

MetaTrader MT4 MACD Indicator - Alert Module

The JavaFX based alert module provides a far more sophisticated pop up alert module than the old fashioned MetaTrader MT4 pop-up version. When MACD crossover alert conditions are met the JavaFX alert module automatically pops up and simultaneously plays an audio file (if configured to do so by the trader). The trader can also manually display the alert history at any time (again impossible with the standard MT4 version)

Email Alert Option & Push Notifications

MetaTrader MT4 traders can receive email and/or push notifications when MACD crossover alert conditions are triggered. Simply set up the MT4 email options and then click the Email button in the Alerts section of the MACD Turbo Java FX Interface.

For Push notifications download and install the MetaTrader app on your mobile device and select the 'Settings' option in the MetaTrader app. Then scroll down to the 'Messages' section and copy the MetaQuotes ID into the Notifications Tab in MT4 under 'Tools/Options'

So what's so good about this MACD crossover indicator?


macd indicator with alerts for metratrader mt4 - ultra fast config changes
Ultra fast config changes... the JavaFX interface totally transforms the process of making changes to indicator parameters in MetaTrader MT4
macd indicator with alerts for metatrader mt4 - control of multpiple charts from single interace
Control of multiple MetaTrader charts - the same interface can control MACD Turbo indicators on multiple MT4 charts! The interface automatically detects which MT4 chart is currently being worked on!
macd indicator with alerts for metatrader mt4 - play long duration wav files for alert notification
Play long duration audio alerts files - standard MT4 indicators cannot play long duration audio files correctly as the MT4 indicator cannot suspend the program thread. If you have ever tried to trigger a long duration sound file from a standard MT4 indicator you will here your sound file being clipped! JavaFX doesn't suffer from this problem! - therefore you can play your alert sounds without experiencing clipping. You can also use any WAV file on your machine - the sound file (wav file) doesn't have to stored in the MT4 sounds folder
macd indicator with alerts for metatrader mt4 - javafx alert module
Sophisticated alert module which can be sorted, customized etc - The on sceen alerts are delivered using JavaFX - this has many benefits over the standard MT4 pop up alert.... you can pop the interface up any time you like to review the alert history and you can also configure the alert interface how you want it to look. It's 100 times better than the standard MT4 pop up which is quite old technology in comparison.
macd indicator with alerts for metatrader mt4 - easy installation
Easy Installation - just point the installer at the MT4 Data Folder.. easy!
macd indicator with alerts for metatrader mt4 - faster load time
Faster load time - no indicator lag or latency - all the FX AlgoTrader JavaFX based tools make one call to the license management system when the interface is initially loaded.... after that the indicators behave exactly like standard MT4 indicators in terms of performance... for the techies... It's 100% client side technology on the MT4 side.

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