Market Adaptive Moving Average Trading System
for MetaTrader 4

The Triple Moving Average Crossover System with AutoTrading is a highly developed version of the original Triple MA Crossover Alert System. The AutoTrading system allows the trader to automate order control based on the trader's specific entry and exit requirements.

The new autotrading system is also market adaptive which allows the trader to filter out rangebound market conditions where moving average crossover trading techniques do not perform as well.

We beta tested this system with a select group of customers for two months in 2017 and we believe the release version of this tool represents a game changing tool in the retail forex trading space. The market adpaptive capabilities of the tool realy do make a huge difference in filtering out rangebound/sideways entry conditions.

We anticipate this tool will become our top seller very quickly indeed!


As well as all the existing features available in the standard Triple MA Crossover Alert system - the AutoTrading version also has the following additional features:-



Automated Trading Traders can set up automated trading profiles using the JavaFX interface. This allows fast and efficient parameter changes and completely removes the requirement to drill into complicated lists of external input parameters as is the case for traditional MT4 Expert Advisors and Indicators
Trailing Stop functionality Traders can set a defined trailing stop to lock in profits
Opposite Cross Exit functionality This feature will automatically close any opened positions when an opposite crossover is detected. This provides an alternative exit strategy compared to setting a fixed take profit level
Market Adaptive functionality The new autotrade system analyzes the moving average delta at trader defined sample points on the chart. This allows the trader to tune the system to only enter when the moving average deltas are above a certain trader defined threshold. Please see the video section for more details on this ground breaking market adaptive functionality
Hedging If the Hedging function is selected the system will trade in both directions assuming the maximum number of permitted orders is greater than 1. For example you could have a long (buy) EURUSD trade and also a short (sell) EURUSD trade created at a later data by the system if the entry requirements were met

Java FX Control Interface

Moving Average Trading System for MetaTrader 4 Moving Average Trading System for MetaTrader 4

The Java Control Interface provides complete control over the moving average calculation and display parameter. For a detailed overview of the standard functionality please refer to the parameter guide for the standard alert based system. In addition the AutoTrading version of the system has the following Trade Control parameters set out in the table below

Control Parameter


AutoTrading Enabled/Disabled
Hedging If enabled, the system will trade both long and short if the appropriate entry signals are met
Opposite Cross Exit If enabled, the system will close trades when the moving averages cross over in the opposite direction.
Stop To Breakeven If enabled, the system will move the stop loss to breakeven (order open price) when the position is in profit by a set number of pips as defined by the 'Breakeven Padding' parameter below
Close Friday Allows the trader to close all trades invoked by the system and shut down further trade operations at a specific trader defined hour on Friday
Lots Sets the lot size for autotrades
Stop Loss Sets the Stop Loss for autotrades in pips
Take Profit Sets the Take Profit for autotrades in pips
Max Orders Controls the maximum number of smultaneous order for the chart
Minimum Order Interval Sets the minimum allowed interval between subsequent orders
Breakeven Padding Sets the number of pips in profit before the stop loss is moved to breakeven level (breakeven is the same as the order entry price)
Max Risk Sets the maximum permitted risk for each trade as a percentage of account equity

Alert Module

This is the standard alert module which is part of all JavaFX tools we provide. Click here for additional details

Please read the Installation Guide and License Agreement before purchasing

Moving Average Crossover Alert with AutoTrading for MetaTrader
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Moving Average Trading System for MetaTrader 4

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Benefits of the Java /MetaTrader 4 Integrated approach

quick parameters

Ultra quick parameter changes - traders can change parameters within seconds! Just click the interface, make the required changes and they will be reflected in the underlying indicator when then next tick is received!


multi charts

Traders can control multiple metatrader 4 charts from a single external interface.... there is no requirement to drill into each chart and scroll through long external input parameter lists!


Traders can define moving avergae automated trading profiles which allow a pre-defined set of parameters to be applied to a new chart with a couple of mouse clicks!

copy profiles

Profiles/current configurations can be 'rippled' across all MT4 timeframes with a mouse click.... OR... traders can define unique profiles for each timeframe for a specific chart ID which is a UNIQUE feature within the FX AlgoTrader JavaFX based products. Normally MT4 based indicators and EAs hold the same parameter configuration for ALL MetaTrader 4 timeframes which is very limiting... 

In plain English, traders could use different MA colours, widths, styles, and alert sounds for specific timeframes thereby providing a rapid visual confirmation. The only way to achieve this with a standard MT4 indicator would be to open 9 charts for each currency pair being analysed!!

Demo Videos

Introduction to Triple MA Crossover System with AutoTrading

Installation Video

Final Beta Code Release for Beta Test Team

Introduction of Market Adaptive functionality within Beta Program

Introduction of the Opposite Cross Exit, Trailing Stop and Stop To Breakeven for Beta Test Team

Supporting Products

Short term forex traders would benefit from enhanced asset selection when using MA crossovers. Products such as the FX Index Analyzer are very useful in allowing the trader to identify the optimium pairs to trade without having to perform laborious top down analysis. The FX Index Analyzer service immediately identifies the optimum pair selection!



Moving Average Crossover Alert with AutoTrading for MetaTrader
$129.95 USD

Moving Average Trading System for MetaTrader 4

One Time Fee with free Technical Support
(no ongoing charges)
Licensing Details
Moving Average Trading System for MetaTrader 4
No Paypal
account required