Universal MA Crossover Alert Indicator for MetaTrader MT4

The FX AlgoTrader Universal MA Crossover alert system is a unique product which allows a trader to configure MA crossover alerts for any asset quoted on the MT4 platform from a single interface! The system provides the following key functionality:-

Feature Description
Single Interface A JavaFX interface allows traders to set up MA crossover alerts for any quoted asset without needing to run multple indicators on each MT4 chart they want to track
Single Indicator The system uses one custom indicator which needs to be run on an MT4 chart - that's it - there's is no need to attach the indicator to every chart the trader wants to monitor MA crossovers for
Setup Speed Traders can set up and configure MA crossover alert parameters incredibly quickly in comparison to conventional MT4 indicators
Interface Display Options The JavaFX interface is highly configurable, traders can resize, reposition, show or hide data columns, set custom background and text colours and also tune column widths to their requirements.
Granular MA control The Universal MA Crossover system offers a wide range of MA config options which include:-

  • Twin or Triple MA Crossovers
  • User defined MA periods
  • Variable MA Calculation methods including:
    • SMA (Simple Moving Average)
    • EMA (Exponential Moving Average)
    • SMMA (Smoothed Moving Average)
    • LWMA (Linear Weight Moving Average)
  • Variable Applied Price options including:
    • Close
    • Open
    • High
    • Low
    • Median
Broker Suffix Option Caters for MT4 accounts where brokers use appended suffix data after each asset symbol
User Defined Assets Traders can enter any asset symbol they require MA Crossover tracking for
Granular Alert Controls The system provides a range of powerful alert options which include:-

  • Touch (instantaneous) or Printed (physical) crossover modes
  • Number of Alerts - sets the maximum number of alerts generated
  • Alert Interval - sets the minimum time between successive alerts
  • Email Alerts - if selected will send email alerts to the designated email address set up in the MT4 Email Options. We recommend using Push notifications rather than email alerts.
  • Push Alerts - if selected will send push notifications to any mobile device running the MT4 app set up to receive push notifications from the Windows based MT4 account. This is our recommend alert delivery option
  • Alert Sound- traders can attach a local wav sound file to each alert so that when triggered the sound file will play. The alerts sound will only be audible on the winows based MT4 client and will not play on a mobile MT4 device receiving push notifications
  • Adjust Broker Time- this allows the trader to set the time difference between their local machine time (Machine Time) and the MT4 broker's server time. This is important if traders require sound files to be played on alert generation
Scheduled Alerts Allows traders to control when alerts become active and expire - this is set using calendar states. The alert start time starts at 00:01 on the start date and ends at 23:59 on the end date

Screenshot of the JavaFX Interface

with Alert Controls tab visible

MA Universal Crossover JavaFX Interface

Screenshot of the JavaFX Interface

with visibility & colour controls tab visible

Screenshot of Push Notifications

triggered from short term demo alerts



System Fundamentals

Installation Guide

Benefits from using this system

Universal MA Crossover Alert System Powerful Control all your MA Crossover alert for any quoted MT4 asset from the same interface for super quick alert creation and monitoring
Universal MA Crossover Alert System Quick Push notifications are received virtually instantly on your mobile MT4 app when alert conditions are met
Universal MA Crossover Alert System Simple Alert monitoring and handling is achieved from a single MT4 indicator run on any live chart so no requirement to load indicators onto every chart MA Crossover alerts are required for. Makes life a lot easier
Universal MA Crossover Alert System Audible User defined alert sounds can be configured for every alert
Universal MA Crossover Alert System Tunable Loads of user defined display controls within the JavaFX interface for a better user experience
Click anywhere inside the "Alert Controls" area (where you add new alerts) to deselect the table object in the interface - You will notice the thin blue border line around the table disappears. You can now delete any alert by clicking on it's associated Delete button

You can't - we suggest simply deleting the existing alert and creating a new one

Only load one instance of the indicator - multiple instances of the indicator will create data corruption issues

Click the "Visibility and Colour Controls" tab at the bottom of the interface. This will open a set of controls which allow the trader to Show/Hide table data columns and define the cell background colour and text colour. Any changes made will be preserved when the system is closed.



Moving Average Alert Indicator for MetaTrader MT4
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