Trend Change Indicator for MetaTrader MT4

  Tick volume is measurement of price changes in an asset price over a defined period of time. Every time the price of an asset changes a tick is generated. Most trading platforms can analyse the tick volume over a specified timeframe eg 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes etc. Tick volume can provide an advanced warning of an impending change in trend or alternatively a continuation in a trend after a period of consolidation.


Trend Change Indicator Key Features:-


Identify potential trend changes
Histogram representation of tick volume frequency for easy visual comparative analysis
Dynamic trigger zone which responds to market volatility using Standard Deviation of Tick Volume Frequency
Push alert option - for traders using MT4 on mobile devicesOn screen and email based alert system independent from MT4 (MT4 must be running to trigger alerts)
Ultra fast paramater chages using unique JavaFX control interface
Any wav file can be used as an alert sounds - the wav file can be stored anywhere on the machine which the user has access rights for
Define unique profiles (preferred settings) for EACH timeframe for the SAME pair or asset being traded in MetaTrader. This is impossible with a standard MT4 indicator!
Copy profiles to ALL the MT4 timeframes for a given chart symbol with one click! (This effectively provides the same functionality as a standard MT4 indicator where the indicator parameters are the same accross all MT4 timeframes.
Global copy function allows a common set of parameters to be copied to all charts running the indicator so no need to individually configure each chart as is the case with standard MT4 indicators

Video Overview

Video Overview of the Trend Change Alert System




Ultra fast config changes, control of multiple charts from the JavaFX interface, the ability to play long duration wav files within indicators without clipping, sophisticated alert module which can be sorted, customized and inspected at any time
Easy Installation - no MT4 license management and no Windows UAC issues
Faster load time compared to standard FX AlgoTrader MT4 specific products
Email alerts and push notifications (where specified) - reduces screentime and allow the market to come to you!
Profile options to allow traders to deploy their own custom indicator settings within a couple of mouse clicks
Auto chart sensing - click on a chart and the interface will load the configuration automatically!




Please read the Installation Guide and License Agreement before purchasing


Perpetual License (One Time Fee) with free Technical Support
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