Moving Average Price
Crossover Alert Indicator
for MetaTrader 4

The FX AlgoTrader Price /MA Crosover & Threshold Alert indicator for Metatrader allows a trader to monitor price action in relation to a defined moving average on any number of MT4 charts. The system provides the following key functionality:-

Feature Description
Threshold Alerts Triggers an alert when price is within a defined pip range of a moving average
Crossover Alerts Alerts when price crosses above or below a moving average
Fully Configurable Traders can control moving average period, calculaton mode, applied price, colours, styles and line widths
Alert Control Email Alerts, audio alerts and configurable on-screen pop up alerts
Profiles Deploy trader defined profiles onto all timeframes or individual timeframe with just a few mouse clicks
JavaFX Interface Allows the trader to control make parameter changes to the interface incredily quickly
100% MT4 Compatible Java is free to download from - JavaFX is now integrated into standard Java builds

Price 200 Period Moving Average Crossover Alert

An hourly GBPUSD chart with a 200 period SMA (Simple Moving Average) produced and displayed by the indicator. The Java control interface is also shown

Price Moving Average Proximity Alerts

The same hourly GBPUSD chart with a 5 period SMA shown and price proximity alerts displayed by the alert interface. The trigger threshold for proximity alerts is 5 pips in this case - this is controlled in the interface

Moving Average Potential Crossover Alerts

Potential 'Touch' Crossover alerts shown when price action momentarily crosses the moving average. If physical crossovers are required the trader would click the Mode button in the interface which would change to 'Printed' from 'Touch'



Benefits from using this system

Price Moving Average Crossover Alert Set the indicators up on your charts using the interface, then just leave the Java program running and you'll receive alerts when your target conditions are met... it's fire and forget!
Price Moving Average Crossover Alert The Java based interface allows you to control FX AlgoTrader JFX series products from the same interface.... so super quick parameter changes without the need to drill down into each chart and adjust external input parameters for individual indicators
Price Moving Average Crossover Alert The Java based alerts module provides more detail, more customization options and the ability to display historical alert data whenever you need to... this is impossible with standard MT4 pop-up alerts.
Price Moving Average Crossover Alert Traders can use long duration wav files as audio alert signals without hearing the sound file clipping... standard MT4 indicators cannot do this without clipping



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Moving Average Alert Indicator for MetaTrader MT4
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