Trendline Trader Pro - Automated Trendline Trading EA

For MetaTrader 4

Trendline Trader Pro is FX AlgoTrader's flagship semi-automated trendline based trading system developed exclusively for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Traders can develop complex automated trading strategies based on multiple trendlines drawn on any MetaTrader 4 chart.

Trendline Trader Pro allows a trader to uniquely configure each trendline for autotrading based on specific pre-defined market conditions. This allows a trader to trade multiple price action scenarios including buying dips, selling rallies and trading breakouts from numerous types of support and resistance levels defined by trendlines.

Trendline Trader Pro does not automatically draw trend lines on charts - it requires the trader to draw the trendline through whatever support or resistance levels they have previously identified using technical analysis. If you would like to become more familiar with support and resistance techniques please refer to our video tutorial series 'Zero to Hero'.

Trendline Trader Pro can be used to trade horizontal levels by simply drawing flat trendlines and can also be configured to scale in (increase the lot size of an existing position) or scale out (reduce the lot size an existing position).

FX AlgoTrader market three automated trend trading systems for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The key differences between each system are detailed in the table below.

Trendline Trader 1 Trendline Trader 2 Trendline Trader Pro
Target Audience Entry Level Traders Intermediate Traders Advanced Traders
JavaFX Control Interface tick tick tick
Auto detection of trend lines on chart click tick tick tick
Number of Trading Behaviours 1
Touch Buy and Sell only
Break (Touch)
Break (Close)
Break (Touch)
Break (Close)
Break (Close X Candles)
Break (Close in defined Range)
Number of Take Profit Targets 1 2 4
Trailing Stop cross tick
With option to begin trailing
after X pips
With option to begin trailing
after X pips and Move Stop Loss
to Break Even after X pips in profit
OCO (One Cancels the Other) cross cross tick
Filters cross tick
ADX, RSI, Momentum
MACD, Volume, Stochastic
ADX, RSI, Momentum
MACD, Volume, Stochastic
Maximum Number of simultaneous MT4 accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


High Level Functionality for Trendline Trader Pro Automated Trading System


Fully automated Trading (Once configured)
Integrated Risk Management System
Comprehensive Trading Behaviours:-
Trading Behaviour
Where price action momentarily touches a pre-defined trigger zone
Where price action momentarily breaks above or below a trendline and is within a designated range controlled by a pre-defined trigger channel
Break Close
Where price action closes above or below a trendline
Break Close X Candles
Where price action breaks above or below trendline - the trade is then initiated after a defined number of chart periods/candles have been printed
Break Close in Defined Range
Where price action breaks through a trendline and closes in a defined range in points/pips set by the trader
Where price action hits a defined trigger zone - gets rejected and then subsequently retests the same trigger zone
Unique Java FX graphical user interface for unrivalled rapid configuration and deployment
Trade independent strategies from unlimited numbers of trendlines per chart
On chart stop loss and take profit level adjustment
Advanced stop loss to break even Functionality
Targetting/trigger grid for visual stop loss & take profit setup with visible trigger channels
Multiple order exit strategy with up to 4 individual exits
5 Oscillator based filter options
Up to 50 trader defined profiles for 2 click strategy deployment
OCO (One Cancels the Other) order management
Plain English configuration options!

Interface and MetaTrader 4 Mapping

MetaTrader 4 Automated Trendline Trading - How the main interface controls are mapped to MetaTrader 4

Main Interface and how controls map onto a MetaTrader 4 Chart

MetaTrader 4 Automated Trendline Trading - Grid Control Mapping to MT4 Chart

Grid Controls showing stop loss and take profit levels mapped onto the MetaTrader 4 chart

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Trendline Trader Pro Overview
NOTE: 'Platinum 16' was the development codename for Trendline Trader Pro

Trendline Trader Pro Interface Overview

Setting Up MetaTrader for Auto Trading with Trendline Trader Pro

Automatic Trendline Detection Functionality

Using the Trendline Trader Pro Template

Trailing Stops and Setting Stops to Break Even

How to Set Up Multiple TP Levels / Multiple Exits

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$219.95 USD

One Time Fee with free Technical Support (no ongoing charges)
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Ways to buy Trendline Trader Pro - Automtated Trendline Trading System for MetaTrader 4
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Benefits of using an automated trading system


Auto trade in MetaTrader 4 from pre-configured trendlines without needing to be present
Ultra fast strategy configuration and deployment using a unique, plain English driven java interface
The flexibility to create MULTIPLE, independent trading strategies and re-deploy them in seconds using trader defined profiles
Control multiple MetaTrader 4 Accounts from the same interface!
No license management limitations - run on unlimited MT4 accounts

Complimentary Products:

Ultimately automated trendline trading systems can be used in rangebound and trendling market conditions. With this in mind it is always useful to be able to see what the market is doing before you deploy an automated trendline trading strategy. Picking the optimum pair for a trend based automated trading strategy would be greatly assisted by index analysis (in the case of forex) and range analysis data. 

The Forex Currency Strength Meter  is a complimentary tools when used in conjunction with Trendline Trader Pro and allows traders to very quickly identify the optimum pair selection..

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$219.95 USD

One Time Fee with free Technical Support (no ongoing charges)
Licensing Details
Ways to buy Trendline Trader Pro - Automtated Trendline Trading System for MetaTrader 4
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